Difficulty vs execution

When a dancer is finding their feet within the performing arts sector, and getting to grips with all its intricacies, they could be forgiven for thinking that when they are performing, it is better to perform something more difficult rather than perform it well. Unfortunately this does not bode well, in particular in terms of the dancer’s development, how they are perceived by others and also their expectations of the world of dance around them. Continue reading Difficulty vs execution

Richard Alston Dance Company celebrates its 25th anniversary with Quartermark

Richard Alston Dance Company returns to Sadler’s Wells on 1 and 2 March with Quartermark, a programme celebrating 25 years of choreographic creativity, life-enhancing music and superb performers. Quartermark features two London premieres – Richard Alston’s Brahms Hungarian and Martin Lawrance’s Detour – and a revival of Alston’s 2006 work Proverb. This will be the first of the company’s final two seasons at Sadler’s Wells ahead of the company’s closure in March 2020. Continue reading Richard Alston Dance Company celebrates its 25th anniversary with Quartermark


Elmhurst Ballet School’s first-ever company for its Graduate Year launches this month with Origins, an evening of dance at Elmhurst Ballet School, Birmingham, and Lilian Baylis Studio, Sadler’s Wells, London, on 8 and 9 February, and 15 February respectively. It is the school in association with Birmingham Royal Ballet. Continue reading ELMHURST BALLET COMPANY TO LAUNCH with ORIGINS

First dances

For some, the first dance of their marriage may be one of the most important and significant dances of their life. There are many variations of what this might look like, as well as the music the couple may dance too. There is a plethora of tracks out there that are hugely popular – from the ballads to the rock hits to the string quartet versions of songs. Every couple is different and have their own idea of what their first dance should or shouldn’t look like – and whether they have one at all.

As first dances go, there seems to be a decreasing amount of shuffles around the dance floor in proper dance shoes, with the couple not completely comfortable with every pair of eyes on them as they begin their married lives together. Many couples now opt for a few dance lessons ahead of the big day in order to display some level of skill during their first dance, and some may even request to be taught a full routine in order to take a turn around the floor. At other weddings, it could even be the full bridal party performing a dance that they have learnt!

According to the wedding website Hitched, the top few first dance wedding songs include:

I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing; Aerosmith
Amazed; Lonestar
Wherever You Will Go; Charlene Soraia
A Thousand Years (feat. Steve Kazee) [Part 2]
Iris; The Goo Goo Dolls
I’m Yours; Jason Mraz
At Last; Etta James
Truly Madly Deeply; Savage Garde

Ultimately, when it comes to first dance songs, there’s a lot of pressure to make it a good one. If you and your significant other have the same taste in music, then deciding on a first dance song should hopefully be easy. Most couple therefore choose a classic first dance song, with tunes are timeless, making them most likely to remember them fondly. If slow songs aren’t for you, don’t be afraid to increase the tempo a little bit with a faster number. An upbeat first dance song will bring a smile to everyone’s faces!

Hitting the West End this year

There is no need for the excitement of 2019 to fade into insignificance, not when there are lots of shows – and family friendly shows at that – descending on London’s West End this year. London’s Theatreland is always jam-packed full of gems, and the choice is widened even further as we progress through 2019. There really is something for everyone. Continue reading Hitting the West End this year

The Royal Ballet School’s new Associate centre

The Royal Ballet School will open a new Associate centre in Dundee in September this year, offering weekly Junior Associate classes to encourage and support talent more widely across the UK. The new Dundee centre will see that all students who apply will be offered an audition, taking place in June. Royal Ballet School Associates attend classes alongside their regular local ballet classes. Continue reading The Royal Ballet School’s new Associate centre

Injury vs. pain

As a dancer, either young or old, there will be guaranteed pains you will encounter during your dancing lifetime. Be it pain going onto pointe, pain after a hard day dancing in a different way to usual, or even the aching pain after a long rehearsal; it is not necessarily a bad pain, but more the feeling that you have worked your body and are feeling the results. However, not all pains are good ones, and some act as warnings from the body because it is injured, rather than it just experiencing general dancing aches and pains. Continue reading Injury vs. pain

Fuel for dancers

While we are still working our way through January, New Years goals are still hugely relevant to many as they try to maintain these through the remainder of the year. Getting fitter or healthier are common, and whilst it is not useful to condone a particular dance style which will aid this goal the most, attributing the fit and healthy trait to dance in general is a good way of encouraging more people to take up dance to ensure enjoyment, health and happiness. Continue reading Fuel for dancers

Ballet Central announces 2019 international tour

Central School of Ballet’s renowned graduate performing company, Ballet Central, will commence its annual tour at Stratford Circus Arts Centre, London, on 28 March. Under the artistic direction of Christopher Marney, Ballet Central’s diverse range of dance and theatre will be staged in 20 venues across England over a five month period, and will go on to perform in Tokyo, Japan. Ballet Central is the touring company of Central School of Ballet in London, the leading centre for professional dance training and education. Continue reading Ballet Central announces 2019 international tour

Performance themes and preparation

Performances are always on the mind of a dance teacher, creating new ideas and taking inspiration from many places in preparation for their next show season, which is never far away! Lots of organisation and collaboration is required to make it a success, but ultimately the source of all this activity lies with dance teachers across the world. Continue reading Performance themes and preparation