Professional Class is back at Greenwich Dance

Daily professional classes at Greenwich Dance reconvened in October, following the organisation’s move to its new premises.

Classes are based in the Old Library in Charlton House, a Jacobean manor house located centrally within the borough of Greenwich. They remain at the familiar time of 10.30am – 12.00pm, giving dancers the opportunity to buy cheap day returns should they be travelling to the venue by train. Continue reading Professional Class is back at Greenwich Dance

Popcity UK

Renowned international dance competition Popcity UK will soon bring together world-renowned dance artists and the UK hip hop and Popping community with 450 UK-based dancers, international judges, guest performers and live DJs in the first hip hop event of the year. Winners will have the chance to represent the UK at the Popcity Finals in East Asia in December 2019. Activities leading up to the competition, which takes place on Saturday 5 January 2019, include taster sessions in Southwark schools for pupils aged 7+ years, and inspirational workshops by London’s pioneers of hip hop throughout autumn 2018. Continue reading Popcity UK

Finalists announced for Hip Hop Dance Award

The first Hip Hop Dance Fellowship has announced the finalists for the first Hip Hop Dance Award supported by The Arts Foundation, a charity which supports UK based talent across the arts. Kwame Asafo-Adjei, Julia Cheng, Juan Gaviria and Chris Reyes have been selected from dancers nominated by practitioners and producers from around the country. The criteria included all forms of street dance focusing on those breaking boundaries with the art form to create their particular style and method of working. Continue reading Finalists announced for Hip Hop Dance Award

UK premiere for Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch

The internationally renowned Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch, a Sadler’s Wells International Associate Company, returns to Sadler’s Wells in 2019 with the company’s first full-length works created by guest choreographers. These two new pieces, by Dimitris Papaioannouand Alan Lucien Øyen respectively, make their UK premieres at Sadler’s Wells from 14 – 25 February 2019. Continue reading UK premiere for Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch

Dancers – the extroverts?

To many, the only difference between introverts and extroverts is where they get their energy. Extroverts are energised by social interaction and drained by time spent alone, while introverts are the opposite. Being one or the other does in no way mean you will or will not have a wonderful experience of dance or a successful dance career. Many might assume that for dancers to be successful, they have to be extroverts who feed off attention, and that introverts don’t enjoy being in the spotlight. Continue reading Dancers – the extroverts?

Elmhurst Ballet Company

Elmhurst Ballet School has launched its first-ever company for its graduate year, with its first performance, Origins, taking place in February 2019. It will be an evening of dance at Elmhurst Ballet School, Birmingham, and Lilian Baylis Studio, Sadler’s Wells, London. The inaugural programme will include excerpts from David Bintley’s The Shakespeare Suite, Kenneth MacMillan’s Elite Syncopations and Wayne McGregor’s Entity, with a wraparound outreach programme also taking place to complement Elmhurst Ballet Company activity. Continue reading Elmhurst Ballet Company

Breakin’ Convention announces development projects for emerging hip hop talent

Breakin’ Convention, a Sadler’s Wells project, has announced the return of exciting and innovative projects for emerging artists, with a range of development opportunities and public performances. These far-reaching initiatives exhibit Breakin’ Convention’s commitment to supporting hip hop dance, both in the UK and internationally. Continue reading Breakin’ Convention announces development projects for emerging hip hop talent

Managing money

As a professional dancer, it is common for money to come in from various avenues, not just from performing. Many dancers feel it is necessary to supplement their income with teaching or choreographic work, or something aside from the performing arts industry like waitressing or bartending. This work can be hugely flexible so it enables dancers to still perform or audition as much as they would like to. Continue reading Managing money

Learning repertoire vs new creations

For both dancers and artistic directors, it is a hard balance between learning new choreography and performing repertoire. Whilst it is important to advance the art form and to continue to push the boundaries of where dance sits within the wider artistic industry, but equally the act of looking backwards nods to dance history and keeping legacies alive. Continue reading Learning repertoire vs new creations

The cruise industry

The last 25 years has seen a huge change in the cruise industry worldwide, with more and larger ships, with more on-board entertainment, experiences and facilities than is imaginable. Often cruise ships rival the world’s best resorts and amusement parks, as well as theatre, offering passengers first-class enjoyment as part of their holiday. Whilst small ships offer the same – but smaller – service, there is no doubt that these floating hotels are in stiff competition in terms of their offering.

As a result, dancers and performers are in a fantastic position. No longer do they need to aspire to travel to Broadway, the West End or Las Vegas to be part of huge multi-faceted shows; performing as part of these is possible in addition to simultaneously travelling the world. The shows on-board cruise ships are hugely technical – in terms of the stage craft and the performers – and offer a great many opportunities: dancers, singers, aerial artists, speciality acts, gymnasts, comedians, magicians and roller skaters. The list is endless – similarly audiences are not required to head to London or New York to see top notch entertainment. Continue reading The cruise industry