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Breakin’ Convention Launches BCTV


Sadler’s Wells’ hip hop dance project Breakin’ Convention has launched an online video channel, BCTV, to capture the full range of Breakin’ Convention’s work and the artists it works with, on Friday 2 May 2014. Breakin’ Convention is one of the world’s leading hip hop dance organisations, delivering a dynamic programme of events, performances and [...]

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The Place Presents EDge: New Generation Of Dance Artists

The Place

EDge, The Place’s postgraduate company, has taken to the road with an energetic and dramatic programme of dance from 24 March – 13 July. The 12 talented dancers will perform a selection of work by commissioned choreographers Ben Wright, Joe Moran, Idan Cohen, Maya Levy, and work by Trisha Brown (Canto Pianto (1998)) – the [...]

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Matt Flint: Reach For The Stars

Matt Flint

‘So You Think You Can Dance’ winner Matt Flint is a ball of energy. Having won this prestigious competition and having danced alongside many well-known music artists, it is any wonder Matt has time for anything else. Despite this, he is running a dance competition named “Can You Dance?” with dancer Tom Shilcock, which will [...]

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Stiff Competition Or Chance To Connect?

Dance Performance Theme Ideas

It is often the case that dance competitions are not just about the dance students competing, but their parents too. Who is the pushiest? Who did the best for their dancer? For many parents, dance is just a fun pastime for their children which reaps much enjoyment and rewards, whereas for others it is cut [...]

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Matt Rudkin: dance maverick

Matt Rudkin

Naïve Dance Masterclass is Matt Rudkin’s latest project, shown at Canada Water Culture Space. After previously appearing at the Edinburgh and Brighton fringe, where it was nominated for ‘Best Male Performer’, Inconvenient Spoof have presented Naïve Dance Masterclass down in London too. Naïve, a stand-up and dance-about comedy combining dead-pan wordplay and expert physical tomfoolery, [...]

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Release Technique For All

Dance Audition

Release Technique is focused on the principles of “ease of movement” and “fluidity”, continuing to adapt and transform as a result of many styles coming together to coexist and in some ways has become a dance language of its own. Dancers learn to minimise tension in the body to create freedom of movement, moving in [...]

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Fuel Your Dancing Body Like An Athlete

Nutrition Pyramid

For dancers, the correct nutrition for the body is of utmost importance for their performance in dance. Dancers are athletes combined with artistry, so they must think of themselves as athletes, and how athletes manage their food intakes or their nutrient and energy needs. The energy dancers need varies enormously but generally increases with the [...]

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Want A Deeper Plié?

Achilles Tendon

Are you blessed with long Achilles tendons, loose calf muscles and a deep plié? Count yourself lucky. Many dancers are desperate to increase the depth of their plié however, short of surgery, there is only so much change that can be made. Some grand pliés in second position are shallow and look more like a [...]

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Dance United

Dance United

Dance United – an award-winning dance development organisation with an international reputation for combining artistic excellence with social concern. It’s collaborations across sectors open up opportunities for participants and develop new ways of thinking in uniting for advocacy. The passion, talent and commitment of its work is quite clearly transforming lives. Established 14 years ago, [...]

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Ethan Stiefel leave Royal New Zealand Ballet

Ethan Stiefel

After three years as Artistic Director of the Royal New Zealand Ballet, Ethan Stiefel has decided to leave the company in order to return to his native USA at the beginning of September to pursue new opportunities. Throughout the three years, Stiefel has made an outstanding contribution to the company and has brought it the [...]

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