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Dancers’ Habits

Dancer Habits

As a dancer, things you may not think twice about may surprise your non-dancing peers. Things like cracking your hips when you stand up, cracking your back, your feet, your neck: to many dancers this is a complete norm but to others this sounds painful and unnatural. There has been much debate as to whether [...]

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Perform with Candoco Dance Company

Candoco Dance Company

Candoco Dance Company is searching for 13 guest performers from any background to join the company for an exciting performance project in 2015: applications close on Sunday 9 November 2014 at 12pm. The work, entitled The Show Must Go On, was created in 2001 by French choreographer Jérôme Bel. The show examines the relationship between [...]

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Are You Dance Direct’s Student Ballet Dancer Of The Year?

Ballet Students

As dance forms go, ballet is among the hardest to perfect. It requires coordination, care and balance. Dancers work for years to perfect these qualities, and of course become students to enhance their form and knowledge. Those who wish to make a career from ballet might study at university or a specialist dance school or [...]

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The Carlton Dance

Alfonso Ribeiro

Eagerly awaited on this year’s I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here was The Carlton Dance, made famous by American actor Alfonso Ribeiro during the hit TV show The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. With the IACGMOOH series now over for 2013, it is clear that the contestants bonded from the off and worked together [...]

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Scottish Ballet’s App

Scottish Ballet

Scottish Ballet has recently launched an app for iPad, free to download for users and full of secrets from behind the scenes of Scotland’s company. The app can be downloaded by browsing for Scottish Ballet in the App Store and tapping FREE followed by INSTALL APP. Once installed, your new app will be sitting on [...]

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Jersey Boys Star With Board Game Hit!

David McGranaghan & Game For Fame

Jersey Boys actor David McGranaghan, who is currently starring as Nick Massi in the hit West End musical, has launched the board game Game for Fame. David teamed up with fellow actor Joseph Pitcher to create Game for Fame, where you ‘race from rags to riches and end up in stitches’. The game has gained [...]

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The Origins Of The Tarantella

Tarantella in Napoli by Enrico Forlenza

Many balletomanes may believe they know of the Tarantella through iconic American choreographer George Balanchine. However the dance, as a wild folk dance of Italy, was once believed to be a cure for tarantula bites, characterised by a fast, upbeat tempo and accompanied by tambourines. Balanchine’s Tarantella showcases the nimble quickness of the dance and [...]

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The 120th anniversary of The Nutcracker

Nutcracker Google Doodle December 2012

Just before Christmas 2012, the 120th anniversary of one of the epitomes of classical ballet, The Nutcracker, was celebrated by Google, which launched a doodle to commemorate the first performance of the ballet. The doodle worked to depict a few of the scenes of the ballet, particularly apt in the run up to Christmas with [...]

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The Strictly Come Dancing Online Game

Strictly Keep Dancing

With the autumn 2012 season of Strictly Come Dancing well underway and with some contestants already voted off the show, a complementary element has been launched by the BBC for fans of the show to indulge themselves in the sequins, feather boas and Latin and ballroom shoes the show encompasses. It has even been rumoured [...]

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Kids Week

Kids Week 2012

Celebrating its 15th year, Kids Week is back and planning an action-packed month of theatrical fun from 1-31 August 2012 for children aged 16 and under. Kids Week is administered by The Society of London Theatre, which is a trade association that represents the producers, theatre owners and managers of the major commercial and grant-aided [...]

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