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Rhiannon Munson-Hobbs – Showgirl Stardom

Rhiannon Munson-Hobbs

After graduating from London Studio Centre’s Intoto Dance Company, Rhiannon toured the UK with various dance groups and appeared in numerous TV and corporate events. She recently finished her first season as resident showgirl and cancan dancer at La Nouvelle Eve in Paris, and has been booked to work with other companies in Paris so [...]

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Training In Fosse-Style Jazz

Bob Fosse

Like many other choreographers, such as George Balanchine and Martha Graham, Bob Fosse is one who created lots of spectacular work and an entire stylistic repertoire. His movements are slinky and sensual yet always have much emotional depth. Fosse died over 25 years ago yet his style is still desired and emulated widely, especially throughout [...]

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Can Dance Ever Be An Academic Subject?


While dance is a physically and mentally demanding subject, many people are still of the opinion that dance cannot be an academic subject and should not be included in a school’s curriculum. Dance as a school subject still faces negative perceptions despite numerous counter-arguments, and can be misunderstood as a ‘soft option’. However, dance is [...]

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What Makes A Good Teacher?

Teachers are an integral part of a dancer’s development. Not only do they aim to build up the dancer’s talent and ability but they also act as a mentor and inspiration to the student. Teaching any subject of dance requires the teacher to be resourceful and flexible in their approach in order to get the [...]

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Leroy Dias Dos Santos: A Flawless approach

Leroy Dias Dos Santos

Leroy Dias Dos Santos is a passionate dancer, choreographer, model, singer and a social mentor who continues to strive for perfection. In 2007, he graduated from Middlesex University after studying Dance Studies. As a freelance dancer, choreographer and teacher Leroy is a proud member of the street dance group Flawless, who were finalists on ITV’s [...]

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Karen Pilkington-Miksa – New English Ballet Theatre

Karen Pilkington-Miksa

Karen Pilkington-Miksa, choreographer and artist, is the Founding Director of The New English Ballet Theatre. She holds a degree in education and is an Associate of the Royal Academy of Dance (ARAD). She ran her own dance group and school, and has choreographed for ballet, opera and the BBC. Tell us about your dance background. [...]

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Tamara Ashley: A Figurehead In Digital Dance

Tamara Ashley

Tamara Ashley works as an artistic director, curator, academic, writer and choreographer. She is currently the Artistic Director of dancedigital and also directs the MA Dance Performance and Choreography programme at the University of Bedfordshire. As Artistic Director of dancedigital, she has led on projects such as Digital Futures in Dance and the recent dancedigital [...]

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Boris Eifman: Russia’s Gem

Boris Eifman

Renowned choreographer, and Artistic Director of Eifman Ballet for over 37 years, Boris Eifman talks about his latest work shown at London’s Coliseum… Mr Eifman, how did it all begin? Dancing first began in my mother’s tummy when I began making my first moves! I always new I should be a dancer – I went [...]

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Stiff Competition Or Chance To Connect?

Dance Performance Theme Ideas

It is often the case that dance competitions are not just about the dance students competing, but their parents too. Who is the pushiest? Who did the best for their dancer? For many parents, dance is just a fun pastime for their children which reaps much enjoyment and rewards, whereas for others it is cut [...]

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Ballet Beautiful

Ballet Beautiful

Mary Helen Bowers is the ballerina behind Ballet Beautiful, a dance-inspired workout that she teaches to Victoria’s Secret supermodels helping them attain those trademark tight abdominals and lean legs through the carefully crafted dance-inspired workout moves. Bowers is a former dancer who joined the New York City Ballet in her teens and became a prima [...]

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