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Dancers and Athletes – Health and Wellness

Giving dancing bodies the correct fuel to perform is of utmost importance. Many professional dancers stick to specific pre-show routines before they perform, and these all include helping the body to achieve its best by giving it what it needs to do so. It is important for dancers to nourish their bodies, as the body [...]

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Choosing Competition Music

Many dancers take part in competitions throughout the year, and are often keen to learn new dances to present against their peers. Music can be a large part of a routine to impress a judge, but can make or break the dance regardless of how talented the dancer is. It is important to ensure the [...]

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The Next Steps

With the summer months well underway, many dance students are preparing to begin vocational or further dance training in September on a college or university programme. The years of study will pass by in a flash so it is essential to be ready to hit the ground running when beginning your studies, ready to get [...]

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Getting The Most Out Of Your Dance Class

As children, parents and carers spend lots of time and money committing to dance lessons, even when they take joy from watching rather than doing. Taking children to dancing lessons requires energy and time, not to mention additional funds for competitions, costumes and extra performances. For a child, it is not until later that they [...]

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Wings and Sickles

The aesthetics of ballet are continuing to evolve, however something which has remained a constant is the appearance of the foot when it is fully pointed. The ankle joint has limited movement outwards and inwards, however the adjustments of the foot’s position can make a big difference to how it looks to the audience. The [...]

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Dance-inspired Fit

There are many dance-inspired fitness methods on the market today, from fitness trainers who used to be dancers to those who use dance as a means to remaining happy and healthy, whilst not having a dance background. Aerobics and Zumba classes still have their place, but these are now two of many different options for [...]

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Pressures In The Studio

Pressures of Dance

A dancer of any calibre can face pressures in the dance studio, from themselves, their peers and even their dance teachers. Pressures can take hold in many forms, such as healing after injuries, aspiring to create the ‘ideal’ dancing body shape and changes in the behaviour of dance teachers. Each has an effect on both [...]

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Practice To Pointe To Perfection

Bloch Axis Pointe Shoes

There are many approaches to pointe training, and many reasons behind each of them. As an aspiring young dancer taking their first steps ‘en pointe’, you need training that will build up your strength whilst maintaining your technique, helping you to make a smooth transition onto pointe from ballet flats. Whilst you are training in [...]

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Cross-Training For Dancers

Cross Training

Dancers cannot just be fit to dance. Dance fitness in itself is not as wholesome as if the body undertook a wide range of physical activities to maintain fitness as a whole, whilst complementing that obtained through dance. Many dancers are fans of swimming, as it maintains stamina and works the muscles of the entire [...]

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First Mistakes Not To Make

Dance Studio

You have successfully auditioned and booked your first professional dancing job! Whilst this is hugely exciting and a great achievement, don’t make first-time mistakes that could reflect negatively on you as a professional dancer… Some mistakes are common, some you only learn once you have been there and have done that. Before you start the [...]

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