Injury vs. pain

As a dancer, either young or old, there will be guaranteed pains you will encounter during your dancing lifetime. Be it pain going onto pointe, pain after a hard day dancing in a different way to usual, or even the aching pain after a long rehearsal; it is not necessarily a bad pain, but more the feeling that you have worked your body and are feeling the results. However, not all pains are good ones, and some act as warnings from the body because it is injured, rather than it just experiencing general dancing aches and pains. Continue reading Injury vs. pain

Fuel for dancers

While we are still working our way through January, New Years goals are still hugely relevant to many as they try to maintain these through the remainder of the year. Getting fitter or healthier are common, and whilst it is not useful to condone a particular dance style which will aid this goal the most, attributing the fit and healthy trait to dance in general is a good way of encouraging more people to take up dance to ensure enjoyment, health and happiness. Continue reading Fuel for dancers

Ballet Central announces 2019 international tour

Central School of Ballet’s renowned graduate performing company, Ballet Central, will commence its annual tour at Stratford Circus Arts Centre, London, on 28 March. Under the artistic direction of Christopher Marney, Ballet Central’s diverse range of dance and theatre will be staged in 20 venues across England over a five month period, and will go on to perform in Tokyo, Japan. Ballet Central is the touring company of Central School of Ballet in London, the leading centre for professional dance training and education. Continue reading Ballet Central announces 2019 international tour

Performance themes and preparation

Performances are always on the mind of a dance teacher, creating new ideas and taking inspiration from many places in preparation for their next show season, which is never far away! Lots of organisation and collaboration is required to make it a success, but ultimately the source of all this activity lies with dance teachers across the world. Continue reading Performance themes and preparation

Dancing through Veganuary

If you have chosen to give Veganuary a go this month (eating a vegan diet throughout the month of January) you will have noticed that you’re not the only one trying this popular movement. There are many arguments for and against veganism – such as those which are ethical, or environmental – however if it is something you would like to continue as a dancer, it is important to ensure you have done your research and know exactly how to fuel your body efficiently, such as by speaking to a registered nutritionist. Continue reading Dancing through Veganuary

Carlos Acosta CBE appointed as new director

Birmingham Royal Ballet announced last week that the internationally renowned Carlos Acosta CBE has been appointed as its new Director. He will take up his appointment in January 2020. It follows the news earlier this year that David Bintley CBE, the current Director, will be standing down as Director in July 2019 at the end of the current season. The new Director will work alongside the company’s Chief Executive, Caroline Miller OBE who was appointed on a permanent basis just before Christmas. Continue reading Carlos Acosta CBE appointed as new director

It’s never too late to start…

With New Year resolutions still kicking about around our brains, there is no better time to take up dancing in 2019 and give yourself the gift of dance. Whether you have decided to improve your fitness – and in turn are planning to treat yourself to some brand new clobber – or you would like to learn a particular dance style or technique, there are now more ways than ever to immerse yourself in the world of dance. Continue reading It’s never too late to start…

Sadler’s Wells Sampled 2019

Sadler’s Wells’ annual dance taster festival Sadler’s Wells Sampled returns for 2019, featuring world-class performances and a series of workshops and activities on Friday 8 and Saturday 9 February. A regular fixture at Sadler’s Wells since 2007, Sadler’s Wells Sampled showcases a wide variety of dance, from ballet to waacking, and contemporary dance to classical Indian dance. Continue reading Sadler’s Wells Sampled 2019

Gandini Juggling and Alexander Whitley

Gandini Juggling’s collaboration with contemporary choreographer Alexander Whitley Spring is an exhilarating cross-artform enquiry into the nature of colour and how we perceive it. The show comes to Sadler’s Wells as part of the London International Mime Festival from 31 January to 2 February. It will therefore make its Sadler’s Wells main stage debut with a kaleidoscopic collaboration with Whitley. Continue reading Gandini Juggling and Alexander Whitley