Candoco Dance Company and ASOS

Candoco Dance Company is teaming up with fashion site ASOS to deliver a residential dance training intensive for young dancers in summer 2019. With ASOS’ assistance, this partnership will enable Candoco Dance Company to offer dancers aged 18-30 an opportunity to develop their physical skills and creative potential in an inclusive environment, free of charge. Continue reading Candoco Dance Company and ASOS

News for Tring Park School

Tring Park School for the Performing Arts has appointed Antony Dowson, former principal of the Royal Ballet, and Lorraine Jones, a well-known choreographer, who trained at Doreen Bird College, to the roles of joint interim directors of dance. Antony and Lorraine are both currently part of the dance department; Antony is artistic director of the school’s Encore Dance Company and Lorraine is deputy director of dance and head of modern dance. Continue reading News for Tring Park School

English National Ballet Announces Winners of Emerging Dancer 2019

English National Ballet recently announced the winner of the 2019 Emerging Dancer Award as Julia Conway. Having performed the Flames of Paris pas de deux with partner Rentaro Nakaaki and Untitled Code, a solo by choreographed by Rambert dancer Miguel Altunaga, Julia Conway was announced as winner on stage at Sadler’s Wells and livestreamed to audiences across the world on Tuesday 7 May by Artistic Director of English National Ballet, Tamara Rojo. Continue reading English National Ballet Announces Winners of Emerging Dancer 2019

Nominations Open for the One Dance UK Awards

Nominations for the One Dance UK Awards 2019 are now open, the sector support organisation for dance. The 24 Awards have been chosen to recognise the outstanding contribution of people working in the dance sector. This annual event is an opportunity for people from across the dance sector to unite, celebrate, acknowledge and reward the people who have made an impact on the vibrant UK dance landscape. Continue reading Nominations Open for the One Dance UK Awards

Fosse jazz

Like many other choreographers before him, Bob Fosse is one who created spectacular work and an entire stylistic repertoire of movement. Fosse died many years ago yet his style is still emulated, taught and performed across the world, especially throughout the US. The revival of Chicago the musical, choreographed by Fosse devotee Ann Reinking, is still running on Broadway, so it is clear Fosse’s work continues to inspire. Continue reading Fosse jazz

Preparing for auditions

Auditions can be daunting for even the most professional dancer – there is always pressure placed on the dancer, and it is usually by themselves. Sometimes even by someone else, such as an agent. Rejection may get easier as you gain more experience as a performer however some disappointment still exists if you are cut from an audition, no matter how accomplished you are. In order to make auditions a more enjoyable experience however, there are a few pointers to ease the process. Continue reading Preparing for auditions

Help for dancers in New York

New York’s H+ | The Hip-Hop Dance Conservatory, maintains that one in every three dancers in New York City lives under the poverty line, and may lack the resources to purchase the ingredients they need to make nutritious meals. This is in addition to the fact that dancers are busy, and often running around from class to rehearsal to performance to other work. We know that fuelling the body with healthy food is essential to dancing as best as possible, so this is often a problem. Continue reading Help for dancers in New York

Dance for older learners

Across the UK, dance for older learners is on the rise. It is not simply dance that is the benefit for older dancers, but also the provision of challenges and the promotion of the ageing body through dance. Some participants may have prior experience of dance and some have none, however it is clear that many have discovered the benefits of dance, such as increased social opportunities, wellbeing and the chance to meet like-minded people. Continue reading Dance for older learners

Recruiting for The Lowry Centre for Advanced Training in Dance

As The Lowry Centre for Advanced Training in Dance (The Lowry CAT) celebrates alumni working across the dance sector, and one of their class of 2017 students Matthew Rawcliffe reaches the BBC Young Dancer 2019 Grand Final, the North West base of the national training scheme is looking to recruit aspiring young male and female dancers for its next cohort of students. Continue reading Recruiting for The Lowry Centre for Advanced Training in Dance