Class etiquette

Your dance teacher is there to help you learn and improve. They are dedicated to your growth as a dancer and an artist, and want the best for you. But being a dance teacher is a demanding job at times, and as a dance student it is important to remember your teacher is only human. They spend all day on their feet, aiming to always be an inspiring, motivational force. It is important to treat them how you would like to be treated, and thank them for the hard work that they do. Continue reading Class etiquette

Tom Dale’s I Infinite

Tom Dale graduated from Trinity Laban, winning the Award for Outstanding Achievement in Choreography. He danced with choreographers and companies including Mathew Bourne’s Adventures in Motion Pictures, before focusing on creating his own work and forming Tom Dale Company. It is here that Tom pursues his artistic vision, bringing together artists to collaborate on exciting, innovative projects that interrogate art and have a particular synergy with the digital arts and electronic music. Continue reading Tom Dale’s I Infinite

Dance Umbrella and the choreographic process

Launching in the 40th year of the festival, ResCen: Dance Umbrella at 40 will be documenting the creative process of artists it has commissioned, as they develop and create new work. The programme kicks off by capturing many of this year’s events but will also chart how artists approach their choreography from the inception stage of their ideas, to the development of their vision through to a finished dance work programmed and performed at future festivals. Continue reading Dance Umbrella and the choreographic process

Birmingham Repertory Theatre’s The Snowman

Forty years ago, Raymond Briggs’ illustrated book The Snowman transported children into the wintery wonderland of a boy and his snowy companion. Now, in its record-breaking 21st year at The Peacock, Birmingham Repertory Theatre’s twinkling production of The Snowman returns, as a magical mix of dancing and live music lift the boy and his friend from page to stage. Continue reading Birmingham Repertory Theatre’s The Snowman

Stage presence

It is the ultimate question – can stage presence be taught or improved upon? Or do dancers just have to do their best with what they’ve got? It is an illusive thing – for some dancers it appears to come naturally whereas others may have trouble with it on stage, regardless of how much they love dance. Stage presence draws your eye to a dancer, it is how they project themselves on stage and connect with the audience, it is the essence of the performer. Continue reading Stage presence

Dancing on social media

In an effort to boost themselves as a performer, in terms of self-branding, building a professional network or simply staying informed, many dancers use social media. The three main platforms, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, see dancers of different demographics use them. The platforms can be hugely beneficial as tools, but if they are not managed correctly then they can also be hugely negative. Continue reading Dancing on social media