Mamma Mia! the party

Executive producer Björn Ulvaeus and producer Ingrid Sutej have announced that MAMMA MIA! THE PARTY, an immersive theatrical and dining experience launched in Stockholm, will take up residency in a specially-adapted venue within London’s The O2. The London production of MAMMA MIA! THE PARTY is set to open in late spring 2019, with tickets going on sale this autumn. MAMMA MIA! THE PARTY opened in January 2016, and it is now in its third sold-out year. Continue reading Mamma Mia! the party

Make pointe work pain free

If you’re a professional dancer wearing pointe shoes all day, it is likely that you will experience pain with pointe work. However, it is possible for pointe to be pain-free, especially for dancers who just take weekly classes or who are not aiming for vocational training: those who would like their pointe work to be a little more enjoyable. Continue reading Make pointe work pain free

Dance over exercise for brain health

A new study, published in the Frontiers neuroscience journal, has found that learning to dance helped older people combat cognitive decline and improved their balance at a greater rate than simply physical exercise. The well-known adage is ‘use it or lose it’ however it is interesting to note that dance is ranked higher than just exercise in terms of benefitting body and mind. The study was undertaken by neuroscientists showing dance to improve brain health. Continue reading Dance over exercise for brain health

Professional rejection

Even professional dancers at the top of their game can be rejected. Whilst they may appear to hold their heads high, it is a truly hard moment of any career, and dancers can sometimes find it hard to spring back following this. As painful as the experience may be, it is possible to rebuild your career after being rejected or fired. The key is to part ways like a professional, regain confidence and have greater success next time. Continue reading Professional rejection

The UK’s first theatre convention

For the first time ever in the UK, StageCon, a convention for theatre fans throughout the UK and Europe, will be held on 3 & 4 November at Shoreditch Town Hall in London. StageCon will present an exciting opportunity for theatre fans to come together to celebrate the magic of theatre. Visitors can enjoy a diverse programme of 100+ hours of events and performances from favourite artists, theatre makers and shows – from the West End to the Fringe and beyond. Continue reading The UK’s first theatre convention

Theatres Trust’s building improvement scheme

Theatres Trust launched its £300,000 building improvement scheme earlier this year, as the new fund plans to help theatres improve their signage, seating and access routes to improve accessibility for staff and audiences. Many theatres are many years old, so this fund will go a long way in ensuring theatres and other similar buildings are as inclusive and accessible as possible. Continue reading Theatres Trust’s building improvement scheme