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The Many Facets Of Dance

Zumba Class

Regardless of your favourite dance discipline, it is important to maintain your practice in other dance forms to both complement and balance your training. Whilst one discipline may be concentrated on, it is beneficial both physically and mentally to take part in other dance forms other than your main interest. Many teachers encourage their students [...]

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The Inner Critic

Edgar Degas - Dancer Stretching at the Barre

Dancers are perfectionists, no matter how high the achiever. Despite this, needing constant approval from your teachers, peers and even yourself can be detrimental for you both physically and mentally. It can result in doing too much, feeling anxious and not making enough time for yourself. Great results can sometimes be at the expense of [...]

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Can Dance Ever Be An Academic Subject?


While dance is a physically and mentally demanding subject, many people are still of the opinion that dance cannot be an academic subject and should not be included in a school’s curriculum. Dance as a school subject still faces negative perceptions despite numerous counter-arguments, and can be misunderstood as a ‘soft option’. However, dance is [...]

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The Gender Debate

The Gender Debate

Many dance artists working in the industry would argue that there are still gender issues for them. Some audiences still retain the thought that dance equates to ballet for girls, full of prejudice and stereotypes. This is despite the leaps that have been made regarding gender equality in dance, leaving the uneducated public. To them, [...]

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Students’ Potential Is Within The Arts

Ballet Students

According to new research from University of Sydney academics, the arts are key to unlocking a child’s potential. While this may be the thought of many arts practitioners, especially of those in the education sector, it has not yet been formalised in findings. The study published in the Journal of Educational Psychology, tracked 643 primary [...]

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Wilton’s Strike!


Wilton’s Strike!, a new dance platform, is offering emerging dancers and choreographers the opportunity to develop a piece of work with Wilton’s Music Hall and to perform on its historic stage. Wilton’s is the world’s oldest surviving Grand Music Hall and London’s best kept secret, so this opportunity to work within the building is an [...]

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63% Say Dance Degrees Are “Valuable”

Dance Degree

A recent survey has revealed that 63% of UK residents consider a degree in Dance and the Performing Arts to be equally as valuable as any other theoretical subject, with a further 56% of parents stating they would take pride in their children pursuing a career in The Arts. As university fees rose dramatically from [...]

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What Makes A Good Teacher?

Teachers are an integral part of a dancer’s development. Not only do they aim to build up the dancer’s talent and ability but they also act as a mentor and inspiration to the student. Teaching any subject of dance requires the teacher to be resourceful and flexible in their approach in order to get the [...]

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Conquering Stage Fright

Janet Leigh Screaming!

Fear backstage is common for at least 50% of performers, regardless of performance experience. More commonly known as “stage fright”, performance anxiety can be a constant problem or something that emerges over time. Stage fright can occur for many reasons, as well as bring unexplainable, such as because of an injury or recovery from one, [...]

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Your Next Dance Steps

Next Dance Steps

After years of dance study you’re enrolled on a dance programme! Your goal may to become a professional dancer, to teach or study dance further, so make sure you work hard and dedicate yourself to your studies. Keep an open mind and be willing to try something new. Your teachers will come with years of [...]

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