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Sergei to join the YBSS gala

Sergei Polunin

The Yorkshire Ballet Summer School gala set to be held at Sadler’s Wells on 29 September has added an extra star to its performing ranks. Sergei Polunin, one of the most talked about male ballet stars of the twenty-first century will be joining the star-studded gala to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Yorkshire Ballet [...]

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Alan Burkitt: A Fred Astaire For Our Time

Alan Burkitt

Alan Burkitt, a Fred Astaire for today, covers the lead Jerry Travers in the hit West End show Top Hat. From his beginnings as a young tap extraordinaire, to three years vocational training at Performers College, Alan has become a versatile performer who takes ultimate pride in his work in the capital’s West End. Here [...]

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Pushy Parents?

Dance Moms

It has been the subject of much speculation over many years, however with the turn of the twenty-first century it seems that dancers will stop at nothing to achieve. Behind these dancers are their parents and dance teachers, encouraging and even directing these young students into a dance world they may not wish to be [...]

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Nutrition In Winter

Nutrition Pyramid

For dancers, the body is not just ‘the body’ but the means to achieve. Maintaining your optimum health and ensuring you are always at your peak is a constant thought in a dancer’s life at the best of times, but with the colder months ahead of us, it is something that requires even more attention. [...]

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Uniform Standards

Dance Uniform

Whilst the stereotypical uniform for dance is much the same, different uniform is required for different dance schools, different exam boards and even different dance grades. For a non-dancer, the assumption of pink ballet tights and a leotard for ballet is not so far from the truth, the stereotypes also formed for tap and modern [...]

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25 Years Of East London Dance

East London Dance

In celebrating the past, present and future of East London Dance, its celebration of 25 years of dancing success saw a huge variety of performances come together under one roof at Stratford Circus. The abundance of vitality and passion was overwhelming, with one piece even gaining the Royal seal of approval: ‘Family Tree’ was originally [...]

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Learning To Be Carabosse By Birmingham Royal Ballet

Birmingham Royal Ballet

Birmingham Royal Ballet, the sister of the capital’s Royal Ballet, is renowned for its outreach and engagement activities. Just recently audiences were able to get a taste of what it is like to be truly ballet wicked, in a workshop with Birmingham Royal Ballet’s Assistant Director Marion Tait. As part of Birmingham’s 4 Squares weekender [...]

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Conversation With Marguerite Porter: A Royal Ballet Diamond

Marguerite Porter

Marguerite Porter, director of the Yorkshire Ballet Summer School, is a British ballet diamond. From joining The Royal Ballet aged just 17, to partnering ballet legend Rudolf Nureyev, Porter’s ballet career has been full of iconic and incredibly memorable moments. Today sees Porter at the helm of the Yorkshire Ballet Summer School, leading it towards [...]

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The GOlive Festival

GOLive Festival

Donald Hutera, notable arts journalist and dance critic, has been invited to curate the GOlive Dance & Performance Festival currently taking place at the Lion and Unicorn theatre until the end of September. Hutera’s work has appeared in The Times, Time Out and Dance Europe amongst other publications and websites world-wide, making him the ideal [...]

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The Growth of Lyrical, Contemporary And Jazz

Contemporary Dance

With the now mainstream TV entertainment programmes such as So You Think You Can Dance and Got To Dance, dance culture has shifted in the UK. Before the emergence of programmes of this type and of this popularity, contemporary dance and lyrical jazz techniques were less ‘discovered’: ruling the day was ballet, tap and modern [...]

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