GCSE Dance increase

Ofqual recently released full entry figures for all GCSE qualifications: One Dance UK has consequently reported an increase in the number of entries for AQA GCSE Dance in the current academic year. The number of entries has risen by 8%, the first increase in several years, with over 200 new schools delivering the qualification, including schools in Northern Ireland, England and Wales.

It is hugely positive to see this increase of student entries for GCSE Dance. Over 200 new schools have signed up to study GCSE Dance following the years of decline in the subject. It is hoped that this increase will continue in future years with schools receiving the relevant support they need. More schools are encouraged to move to GCSE Dance

One Dance UK, the sector support organisation for dance, advocate for the inclusion of high-quality dance in education and endeavour to support schools wishing to increase their dance provision. These statistics may include some schools who have made the decision to transfer to GCSE Dance from other qualifications, but it is hoped that the the numbers will increase in all dance qualifications over the coming years. This is a positive development for AQA GCSE Dance and these figures are a small step towards One Dance UK’s vision of dance being accessible to all young people.

The upturn in numbers of students studying GCSE Dance in 2019, following a long period of decline since the introduction of the Ebacc in 2010, is indicative of the strong value of arts subjects and their important contribution to a broad and balanced curriculum.

One Dance UK is the sector support organisation leading the way to a stronger, more vibrant and diverse dance sector. It supports all those working in the sector to achieve excellence in dance performance, education and management, and works to identify gaps, provide opportunities and improve conditions for dance.