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Your Next Dance Steps

Next Dance Steps

After years of dance study you’re enrolled on a dance programme! Your goal may to become a professional dancer, to teach or study dance further, so make sure you work hard and dedicate yourself to your studies. Keep an open mind and be willing to try something new. Your teachers will come with years of [...]

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Eyelash Heaven


Many professional dancers rely heavily on false eyelashes, however this may not be a luxury for every dancer. It is possible grow, maintain and curl your lashes quickly and easily for that dramatic wide-eyed look often only achieved by false lashes. Nothing is more of an eye-opener than having long, thick, curled lashes. Beautiful lashes [...]

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Taking Care Of Your Body During The Summer

Take Care Of Your Body

For many dance students, the summer spells summer schools and dance intensives. These summer training programmes are designed to push dance students further and give them another dance experience. They can vary in length, style and structure, but it is important to make the most of the programme while looking after your body. It is [...]

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The Dance School Dilemma

Dance School

Choosing a dance school is of utmost importance for your budding dancer. For young dancers it is important they have fun in addition to learning about the dance basics before they progress further. With older dancers who are changing dance studios, it may be an idea to find out where current and former students of [...]

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Recovering From Smaller Injuries

Shin Splints

While major injuries are devastating, it is often the smaller injuries which have more of an effect on a dancer’s wellbeing, such as being covered in bruises or burning the feet constantly. Dancers can become desperate for a cure, such as for cuts, split skin, blisters and bruises. For cuts and split skin, lots of [...]

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Reaching The Top In Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre

Musical theatre is captivating for many people, where the magic of illusion makes anything possible. For professional musical theatre performers, being on stage is the culmination of years of training and hard work; often encompassing more skills than were originally required by becoming a triple threat of singing, acting and dance. Now productions require an [...]

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Mirrors: An Honest Reflection?

Dance Studio Mirror

It is often a revelation to dance in a studio without mirrors. Some dancers may feel uncomfortable and uncertain at first not to have mirrors, as they are not to be able to see what they are doing and check they are performing the exercises correctly. Despite this many would argue that the movement will [...]

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Agent Searching

Finding An Agent

In both the musical theatre and acting industries – in fact, any of the performing arts – securing an agent can be tricky, and almost as difficult as securing jobs! Some graduates from performing colleges leave with agents already secured; most of these are the agency that works alongside the institution and the graduates are [...]

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Life Without Dance?

Red Cross

As a passionate young dance student, it can be hard to conceive of a life without dance. Perhaps you’ve been injured, or can’t get a job or even discovered a full dancing life just isn’t for you. You may be able to return to dancing, and if you do your body will not have forgotten, [...]

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Soft Tissue Therapy For Dancers

Soft Tissue Therapy

Soft tissue therapy is a method used to assist dancers in building and maintaining flexibility and facility, as well as treating injuries, in keeping the body both strong and supple. Using soft tissue therapy aids dancers in reaching their potential: sometimes referred to as massage, the technique covers such a broad range of entities the [...]

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