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Life Without Dance?

Red Cross

As a passionate young dance student, it can be hard to conceive of a life without dance. Perhaps you’ve been injured, or can’t get a job or even discovered a full dancing life just isn’t for you. You may be able to return to dancing, and if you do your body will not have forgotten, [...]

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Soft Tissue Therapy For Dancers

Soft Tissue Therapy

Soft tissue therapy is a method used to assist dancers in building and maintaining flexibility and facility, as well as treating injuries, in keeping the body both strong and supple. Using soft tissue therapy aids dancers in reaching their potential: sometimes referred to as massage, the technique covers such a broad range of entities the [...]

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Learning To Dance

Learnuing to Dance

For most young children, dance class is a time to don the pinkest tights in town and join their friends in becoming fairies, soldiers and various other characters at the command of their teacher. It is only when children become a little older that ballet and dancing becomes a little more disciplined and structured. Instead [...]

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Release Technique For All

Dance Audition

Release Technique is focused on the principles of “ease of movement” and “fluidity”, continuing to adapt and transform as a result of many styles coming together to coexist and in some ways has become a dance language of its own. Dancers learn to minimise tension in the body to create freedom of movement, moving in [...]

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Fuel Your Dancing Body Like An Athlete

Nutrition Pyramid

For dancers, the correct nutrition for the body is of utmost importance for their performance in dance. Dancers are athletes combined with artistry, so they must think of themselves as athletes, and how athletes manage their food intakes or their nutrient and energy needs. The energy dancers need varies enormously but generally increases with the [...]

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Want A Deeper Plié?

Achilles Tendon

Are you blessed with long Achilles tendons, loose calf muscles and a deep plié? Count yourself lucky. Many dancers are desperate to increase the depth of their plié however, short of surgery, there is only so much change that can be made. Some grand pliés in second position are shallow and look more like a [...]

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Choosing An Audition Piece

Dance Auditions

Auditions are a huge part of any dancers life: some dancers revel in auditions with the chance to perform in a more informal environment, others speak of auditions with dread and worry. Whatever your view of auditions, there are a few key points to help you along the way, especially when preparing your dance piece [...]

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Stretching Sufficiently

Edgar Degas - Dancer Stretching at the Barre

Despite the fact that stretching out dancers’ muscles is vital, there are many points to heed as you work towards a more supple, flexible body. In order to stretch safely and successfully, the body and muscles must be sufficiently warm: don’t hold static stretches (those held for longer than 30 seconds) before warming up. The [...]

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The Art of Food

Nutrition Pyramid

Following injuries, it is paramount that dancers recover as quickly as possible, and diet can particularly aid this. And it’s not just about what you eat, it’s about what you shouldn’t eat too; junk food fills holes without providing any nutrients, just empty calories, and caffeine reduces bone-mineral density and increase fluid loss. In order [...]

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Injury Diet

Shin Splints

With injuries perhaps the most feared aspect of a performer’s life, it is important that your diet is aiding recovery, aside from other treatments you may be using such as ice, physiotherapy and rest. Ensuring you are providing your body with good nutrition will reduce recovery times, which is paramount for getting back in the [...]

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