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Nutrition In Winter

Nutrition Pyramid

For dancers, the body is not just ‘the body’ but the means to achieve. Maintaining your optimum health and ensuring you are always at your peak is a constant thought in a dancer’s life at the best of times, but with the colder months ahead of us, it is something that requires even more attention. [...]

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Fit to Dance?

Dance Fitness

Dancers are renowned for their slick technique, exquisite muscle tone and fantastic ability to perform convincingly in front of an audience. Particularly for ballet and contemporary dancers, they are used to the demand of lengthy and extensive choreographed pieces which can last for any given length of time! As a result, their aerobic fitness levels [...]

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The Dreaded DOMS

Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

DOMS: a common ailment for dancers, athletes and sports players. As much as it is common, the meaning of the each letter and its cause is not often known, especially by those who are younger and just beginning to train harder in their chosen area. For dancers, the beginning of the attempt to pursue a [...]

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Body Conditioning: A Lifetime Of Habit

Body Conditioning for Dancers

Many dance students who are getting ready to commence their vocational training at performing arts institutes will also be introduced to the term ‘body conditioning’. It is something that all dancers are aware of as a means to improve their technique and overall presence in the performance space, and many continue working on their body [...]

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The Academic And Vocational

Dance in the Mainstream

As the end of the last school and college holidays draw near, students all over begin to contemplate the future. In collecting their A2 results from Sixth Form or college, there is much speculation as to whether the student achieved the grades to get into their selected universities, and then study the subject they applied [...]

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Backstage Rituals

Backstage Rituals

Whether you are a dancer, actor or performance artist, you will be well aware of the phrase ‘backstage ritual’. Many performers employ these in the run up to their performances, and any straying from the ritual may be thought to considerably affect the performance, haunting the performer from the moment they step on stage. To [...]

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Mastering The Ballet Bun

Ballet Bun

Sometimes one of the most problematic problems in the life of the dancer is not keeping up in class, long rehearsals or tricky performances: it might simply be the problem of the ballet bun. It can be notoriously difficult, sometimes, to perfect the height of the ponytail, the ‘largeness’ of the bun, or control how [...]

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Preparing Your Pointe Shoes For Performance

Pointe Shoes

  Performing on that vast stage can be daunting. The disconcerting lights which throw you off balance, the huge audience who were not there during rehearsal and the gallons of adrenaline suddenly pumping around your body. Performing well against these odds mean that it is imperative that you have fully secured your technique in class, [...]

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The Benefits Of Dance: Flexibility, Fitness And Posture

Dance Posture

As dancers, we sometimes hit that mid-training rut, where we have had enough of the pliés, the tendus, the jetés, and definitely had enough of the pirouettes. With July turning into a bit of a scorcher, there can also be more appealing things than dressing head-to-toe in Lycra leotards and tights, let alone legwarmers! However, [...]

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Life After Training


After three institutionalised years at performing arts college, the big bad world on the other side of the studio door can seem a little daunting. Many students will graduate from college alongside their peers, only to be greeted with the graduates from all the other acting, musical theatre and dance colleges all over the world, [...]

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