Progressing Ballet Technique

Progressing Ballet Technique is an innovative programme that aims to enhance the classical ballet technique of dancers through alternative methods, such as use of a Pilates ball rather than being stuck at the barre. To achieve the enhancement of technique, the programme offers in-person and online training for students and teachers across the world, meaning dance artists everywhere can benefit from these resources. 

Based in Australia, the programme will soon host training workshops for teachers in North America, with the workshops taken by Founder and Director of Progressing Ballet Technique, Marie Walton-Mahon. Safe dance training is one of Walton-Mahon’s most integral passions, meaning all Progressing Ballet Technique exercises have been developed with significant care and guidance with the dancer at the forefront throughout.

The new round of training workshops are designed for teachers who wish to learn all three levels of Progressing Ballet Technique and become a certified Progressing Ballet Technique teacher. The workshops will be held in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Dallas, Houston, Ocean Springs, West Palm Beach, Washington D.C., Vineland, Vancouver and Phoenix. Walton-Mahon’s practice has spread across Australia and even overseas to the UK, so it is a truly worldwide training resource. The teachers who attend Progressing Ballet Technique’s comprehensive full-day workshops in the USA and Canada will receive certification to be able to teach the programme to their own students. They will be offered continual mentoring online and can also be listed on the Progressing Ballet Technique Global Database.

Marie Walton-Mahon has been known for her creative ballet and teaching skills for over 40 years, and she has trained many professional dancers and teachers the world over. She has had much success in using muscle memory methods to improve students’ understanding of core stability, weight placement and alignment.