Mind, body, power

The mind can be a powerful instrument for dancers, regarding the importance of goals and dreams, listening to yourself and aiming for the top. To gain confidence and success this way is often aided by the tool of visualisation, to strengthen both mind and body in order to succeed.

Many dancers find that during injury, they work to visualise their body healing correctly and sufficiently, which can aid the healing process significantly. This is aside from the fact this positive mindset means that it is not just the body that is looking forward, aiming for the day it can get back to the studio. As a result of visualisation, some dancers even find that they return to the studio better than ever, with reinforced technique and skills having spent much time mentally visualising their dance ability.

Moving away from the extreme example of injury, other dancers find they use visualisation effectively in order to handle stressful situations, perhaps when fear or anxiety takes hold of both body and mind. Here the mind can be powerful in helping get through these situations, convincing yourself that you can tackle the task ahead and the body tends to follow suit. It can then get to the stage that the body has no choice but to follow what the mind tells it, in the power of visualisation.

Despite these success stories, visualisation is a skill that should be worked on, alongside technique in the studio. It does not come naturally to all dancers, however with focus and attention dancers may start to train their brains in a new way, opening up to changes, both mental and physical. Dancers can get caught in both these limitations, but visualisation shows a different, achievable route.

Visualisation is a personal, individual thing and is not easy for all dancers, but it is important to try and work backwards. Visualise the desired outcome you are aiming for every day and the goal will become easier.