Different dance teachers

Learning from different teachers can be very beneficial as a dance student, taking on the perspective of different dance minds and applying their teaching ethos to your dancing. It is like learning about a different culture – how that teacher likes to work and address things. Ultimately however, that teacher will think and say things along the same lines as your dance teacher you go to regularly.

Each teacher will be able to view you in the same way – your strengths and weaknesses, things you can improve on and things you do well. Essentially, taking class with another teacher will most likely be just a different teacher saying the same thing, asking you do similar things, correct the same thing for you as a dancer. However, the way they do these things can sometimes have a profound effect on a dancer, simply because what is being said reverberates in a different way and translates as something different to your mind and body.

It is important to open yourself up to different teachings, as it enables your dance learning experience to become more well-rounded. Changing your dancing environment and taking class somewhere else – with other pupils too – can be particularly enlightening. Hearing another teacher’s point of view may speak to you in a different way, perhaps making something tricky seem simple, or giving a correction in a more meaningful way.

Additionally, there will be a different atmosphere in the studio. The level of attention is higher in order to give a good first impression and be noticed by the new teacher. Your usual spot on the barre will be in a different place, prompting you to adapt to the new environment and still perform to your best. Usually the level of focus is higher too, in order to absorb and learn instead of doing what you are used to. It will remind you of things you take for granted, especially the corrections that wash over you – a new teacher will pick up on these too so it is a good chance to revise your usual corrections and apply them.