Dancing through life

Dancing is often considered as solely suited to young people, or something you need to start learning as early as possible in life. However, for many people who come to dance later in life they find that you can actually start dancing at any age, and sometimes it is of more benefit to the individual to start later in life.

Adult dance is often considered a more genuine activity than a dance class for younger faces – it is guaranteed that taking part in an adult dance class is because you really want to be there, not because your parents have decided it would be something nice to do (and you do incidentally enjoy it!) Adult life is full to the brim of other things that require attention, so making time to attend a dance class says a lot about the motivation to be there.

Learning to dance without prior experience is a huge achievement. As an adult, you will have a better understanding of your body and a heightened awareness also of what it can do and what makes you feel good. Life experience and time means that adults have a more objective sight of the world than younger students, meaning dance has all the more significance for them. It’s never too late to start learning to dance. Many classes have a different focus, whether it’s performing, preparing for exams or just offering classes for fun and fitness.

Dancing has a huge list of benefits for people of all ages: for adults specially, the genuine enjoyment of dance transcends all other benefits, providing a creative outlet for people that have lots of other things to think about. It is sociable, fun, challenging, and also encourages good posture, coordination, balance and agility. This is without its neurological benefits too!