Strictly-Themed Workout Programme From Bristol

FitStepsA Bristol fitness instructor and diet adviser Sarah Buscemi has added a new Strictly-themed exercise regime to her usual repertoire to enable clients to dance their way to fitness with a new Strictly-themed workout programme. Sarah has joined other Rosemary Conley consultants around the country to train in FitSteps, which was launched earlier this year by Strictly stars Natalie Lowe and Ian Waite.

The programme is based on some of most popular Latin and ballroom dances, also seen on the hit television show Strictly Come Dancing, including the jive, cha cha, samba, tango, waltz and quickstep, but for FitSteps it is broken down into easy sections. As a result FitSteps has been made suitable for dancers of all abilities, even if you have never danced before

Sarah runs 10 Rosemary Conley classes each week in Bristol and South Gloucestershire, with the 90-minute session including a 45-minute exercise session, and now FitSteps. Like all FitSteps instructors, Sarah was personally introduced to the moves by Natalie and Ian, and can download new dances to teach her clients from the FitSteps website, keeping the programme both fresh and up to date.

With television shows such as Strictly growing in popularity, it is no wonder that FitSteps is appealing: it is around 50% dance and 50% aerobic moves, but the combination of the two makes for an intense workout. With FitSteps there is no need for a partner, and supports all levels and abilities, whether they work out often, or can’t remember the last time they put on their fitness shoes.

If you would like to try your hand (and feet!) at FitSteps, visit to find a class near you.