Preparing for auditions

Auditions can be daunting for even the most professional dancer – there is always pressure placed on the dancer, and it is usually by themselves. Sometimes even by someone else, such as an agent. Rejection may get easier as you gain more experience as a performer however some disappointment still exists if you are cut from an audition, no matter how accomplished you are. In order to make auditions a more enjoyable experience however, there are a few pointers to ease the process.

It is important to always do a thorough warm up before any audition. Naturally it is important in order to avoid injuries, but it is also imperative in order to calm and focus the body and prepare for what is ahead. Nerves are unavoidable and are normal, and they can kick in at any time at an audition or performance. Deep breaths can work wonders on nerves, and it is likely everyone is as nervous as you during an audition process.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions during an audition. It is important that you pick up the material quickly and efficiently, so any questions that help you clarify the material are important ones. Teachers are usually happy to go over things again to ensure you are confident in what you have to do. If things go wrong, just carry on and do your best. Being professional and technically correct is equally important alongside picking up the material, but showing you can deal with problems in the moment also demonstrate good things to the audition panel.

Make sure you are thoroughly prepared for your audition, taking all the shoes you may think you need, as well as spares of everything – the worst day to be caught short is audition day!