Silver Swans

The Royal Academy of Dance and Angela Rippon are set to inspire over-55s with new specifically tailored Silver Swans® ballet classes, a pilot project launched in the UK and US. Angela Rippon has been appointed the Ambassador for campaign to inspire more over-55s to take up ballet, following new research which demonstrates improved confidence and balance in older adults who dance.

The Silver Swans pilot project is made up of branded ballet classes, taught exclusively by Silver Swans Licensed Teachers. Specially designed for mature dancers, classes aim to improve mobility, posture, coordination and energy levels and, most importantly, impart the sense of wellbeing that dance brings. It has been scientifically proven that dance is the exercise which ‘ticks all the boxes’ for older learners, to provide a full mind and body workout.

Silver Swans classes are delivered by qualified dance teachers who have trained to safely adapt ballet techniques for older adults. The training focuses on how to deliver a high quality ballet class for learners aged 55 and over, equipping teachers with the skills to recognise and respond to the different needs of participants of a broad age range. The Royal Academy of Dance developed Silver Swans in response to a growing demand for ballet classes for older learners, with sessions also focused on the psychological benefits of dance, such as perceived improvements in quality of life, and physiological advantages, including improved balance in older learners who danced.

Silver Swans classes are now available in selected locations in the UK and the US. Potential Swans should look for the Silver Swans Licensed Teacher logo to be sure that their teachers are official license holders from the Royal Academy of Dance, in order to receive a truly fulfilling experience of dance.