Isadora Duncan Dance residency

An inspiring 10-day residency is taking place at The Isadora & Raymond Duncan Dance Research in Athens, Greece this July, with modern dancers invited to join artistic director Lori Belilove to experience a week of dance enlightenment.

It is widely known within the modern dance community that Greek art, mythology and philosophy greatly influenced and inspired the modern dance pioneer Isadora Duncan, the first of her kind. It appears that Greece is the perfect place for dancers to study the technique of Isadora Duncan, with residency delegates taking morning classes and evening choreographic workshops.

As part of the Greek trip away, the residency participants will be able to travel as a group to visit museums and archeological sites in Athens, and will be able to fully immerse themselves in the rich culture of Greece. In a huge complement to their work as part of their dance residency, the participants will find themselves completely at one with both the country and the modern dance technique.

In keeping with the dance theme of the 10-day residency, participants will be able to read writings by Duncan, Greek poets and philosophers, and study ancient Greek art and history in order to inform their overall studies. The notes and sketches from these observations will help in the creation of new movement work, an exciting time for the company.

In an additional strand, the residency will also include modern dance technique classes for local children, also being open to those interested in teacher training through the company. The residency will be jam-packed full of hugely helpful and worthy insights into the company, as well as additional information to sit alongside the Isadora Duncan dance content. The dancers participating in the evening choreographic workshops will then present an informal studio showing on the last day, disseminating the work and purpose of the company even further.