Dance Relationship Resolutions

2015 Dance ResolutionsDid you make any new year’s resolutions for 2015? Were any to do with dance, and have you managed to keep them? Some long term resolutions for the dance studio, however, may be easier to keep, as they can improve and maintain a good relationship with your teacher and fellow students.

Try not to moan too much in class – some teachers do not even allow talking! Letting everyone know you’re tired or hungry reinforces the feeling for everyone else in the class, including your teacher. Remember your teacher has probably taught several classes in a row, without any breaks, and they probably haven’t had time to eat for many hours – they are probably hungry and tired together! Try not to drag the energy of the class down therefore, to make the class as enjoyable as possible.

Make sure you are prepared for class by being fed and watered, so have a light snack beforehand if you need it. Try not to ask what time time is, or keep looking at the clock, as it implies you would rather be doing something else, somewhere else. Instead try to concentrate on enjoying what you are doing and working on your technique. Really think about how you are using your body and how to make the most of the time you have left in class.

Remember your dance teacher is there to help you learn and improve, and has your best dance interests at heart. If you are given a tricky combination or difficult barre exercise, think positively and ask for help if you are struggling – that’s what your teacher is there for! But also remember that being a dance teacher is a hard job that requires infinite passion and energy. Dance teachers are always on their feet and they are human too!