BalletBoyz – The Dancer’s Course

BalletBoyzBecoming one of the BalletBoyz is arguably every young dancer’s dream. With their slick performances, immeasurable talent and famous good looks, it is no wonder that the group lead by Trevor Nunn and William Trevitt is going from strength to strength, and may have the answer to these young dancers’ wishes.

Following their hugely successful project ‘The Talent’, BalletBoyz are launching The Dancer’s Course, which will start in September 2013. As an innovative one year weekend course, the Boyz are searching for men and women over the age of 18 to join the professional dance company in order to develop their versatility, contemporary dance skills and technique within their nurturing environment. Developing talent and grasping opportunities form the majority of yearning to be a professional dancer (the other part being a little luck!), so this BalletBoyz course seems the perfect chance to engage with an experiential approach to training, whatever your dance background.

The course will centre on working closely with ‘The Talent’ to develop the young dancers as artists and providing them with opportunities to perform and choreograph throughout the course. With the aim of the course to take individuals with raw talent and turn them into creative and employable dancers, it seems the course is every young dancer’s dream. Working alongside the BalletBoyz, the dancers will come to represent the BalletBoyz ethos of excellence, and a desire to perform at the highest level.

The dancers will also have the chance to gain firsthand experience of the technical aspects of performance, such as film, music, costume and lighting, in addition to working closely alongside ‘The Talent’ in order to be coached, mentored, challenged and inspired by some of the leading teachers and choreographers in the dance world today.