Auditioning – the basics

Auditioning, for vocational courses and – ultimately – jobs, can be a rather daunting process. Dancers can make this as enjoyable as possible by heeding a few pointers that can aid their audition experience.

Make sure you are completely prepared. Make sure you are rested yet energised beforehand so you have lots of fuel to perform at your best. Take energy-rich snacks with you on the day, and plenty of water too. Arrive with plenty of time to warm up mentally and physically, to make sure you are ultimately prepared. Bring everything with you that you will need, as well as extra or spares of things such as sheet music, hair grips and tights – things that can go wandering or be easily spoilt.

Once you are in the audition room, stand where you can see, and can be seen. You must perform to the best of your ability, with expression, enthusiasm, and energy. Unless invited to, don’t embellish the choreography – choreographers are looking for you to emulate their style and if they ask for a clean, single pirouette, that is what you must do! Be courteous to other auditionees, as your behaviour also matters to potential employers, not just the height of your leg. It is ok to be human and make mistakes, but you will create a better impression of yourself if you are able to cover the mistakes and carry on without faltering.

Make sure you are gracious: say thank you after the audition, in addition to after you find out whether you are selected or dismissed. Auditioning is a fine art in itself, so practice of this improves your skills and enables you to learn: sometimes even great auditions don’t get you the job, and equally you may win the job under completely unexpected circumstances!