Fuel for dancers

While we are still working our way through January, New Years goals are still hugely relevant to many as they try to maintain these through the remainder of the year. Getting fitter or healthier are common, and whilst it is not useful to condone a particular dance style which will aid this goal the most, attributing the fit and healthy trait to dance in general is a good way of encouraging more people to take up dance to ensure enjoyment, health and happiness.

There are many dance classes to take part in, and some of these might be completely new to you. Aside from ballet barre, yoga, Zumba and musical theatre, there are also classes such line dancing, Pilates, tap and salsa. It is not necessarily about the ‘best’ class for your health, or the class that burns the most calories, but the class that you enjoy the most and get the most from in terms of wellbeing. A class which is too difficult or taxing will soon become the class you enjoy the least, and these classes and difficult to maintain.

Paired with this – to ensure dance, and exercise in general, is helping you achieve your health goals in the best way – is ensuring you are eating the right foods to ensure you become your healthiest. Like athletes, dancers need to aid their bodies in recovery, be it from a long day of workshops or trying something new that can make you feel sore. Protein significantly aids this recovery, but it is important that the consumption of protein does not take over, because there is such a thing as too much protein: the abundance of it is simply stored by the body in the incorrect way once it has used what it needs. Adequate protein is important, but too much can be harmful.