Equity launches Dance Passport

6 November saw a new Dance Passport launched, following the final event of the European project Dance Futures – Creating Transition Schemes for Dancers and Promoting Sustainable Mobility in the Dance Sector, the European group of the International Federation of Actors. This project has received the financial support of the European Union.

The Dance Passport is a long-term project initiated in the 2000s. It had the dual objective to enhance mobility in the European dance sector and to strengthen co-operation and partnership between unions. Unfortunately, and despite a strong start, after some years the first paper version of the Dance Passport fell out of use. The new digital version of the Dance Passport should help protect dancers working in Europe in a more efficient way.

The aim of the Dance Passport is to be a source of support for professional dancers in terms of mobility, a union solidarity network for dancers abroad. This scheme allows dancers, who are paid-up Equity members, to access local union support while working for a short period in any European country where there is a participating union. Thanks to the strong co-operation and partnership between the member unions of the International Federation of Actors, the Dance Passport will provide better information and more comprehensive protection for dancers working in Europe.

The Dance Passport website aims to inform dancers about their rights, as well as about the practices and contractual provisions considered an industry standard in the country where they are going to work. It is intended for professional dancers based in Europe who are planning to work for a short period in another European country. The Dance Passport will provide practical solidarity for dancers working throughout Europe, demonstrating the value for dancers in all fields and sectors to join their union.