Class etiquette

Your dance teacher is there to help you learn and improve. They are dedicated to your growth as a dancer and an artist, and want the best for you. But being a dance teacher is a demanding job at times, and as a dance student it is important to remember your teacher is only human. They spend all day on their feet, aiming to always be an inspiring, motivational force. It is important to treat them how you would like to be treated, and thank them for the hard work that they do.

Teachers are there to answer your questions and help you learn. That said, there are certain things it is best to avoid saying or doing so as not to appear rude…

Being tired or hungry

Dance can be hard work, so ensure you are prepared for class having enough to eat and drink beforehand. It is not just your teacher’s energy but the energy of all the students in the studio that contributes to how enjoyable the class is. If everyone was complaining of being tired or hungry, the class would be exhausting. The other thing to remember is your teacher has probably not eaten for much longer than you!

Asking for the time

This implies to your teacher and peers that you would rather be anywhere else than in the studio, like you are bored or not enjoying yourself, and you wish the class was finished. Be patient and wait until the class is finished, and try to focus on the task at hand. Concentrating on what you should be doing – and trying your hardest – will make the time in dance class fly past. Even if the exercise is very simple, you can always work to make it even better – can you balance for longer or jump higher?