A New London theatres network

London theatres have joined forces in order to support creative artists recently, collectively known as STAMP (Supporting Theatre and Makers of Performance). The new network aims to improve working practices for artists who make new theatre and performance by sharing knowledge and increasing conversations between member organisations and artists.

The network emerged as a response to research by Camden People’s Theatre which examined the experiences and needs of emerging theatre makers. The aim of the theatre network is therefore to ensure there is a more accommodating, easy-to-navigate and creative environment for artists making new theatre and performances. STAMP is the result of a response to theatre makers and artists requiring more collaboration between London venues and artist support programmes, as well as strategic thinking and honest working.

Those supporting the scheme are mostly makers in the capital, having created a focus on a new London-based network of theatre organisations. The role of the network is to improve support for theatre artists and advocate for the role of theatre, and it will also act as a lobbying body to ensure that London continues to be the home for new theatre in today’s political, economic and social climate.

The network will work to include a series of events for producers and artists, and a programming database for London venues in order to provide active solutions. Research projects will inform how to supports artists, such as improving access to rehearsal space, encouraging collaboration, and focusing on the living and working conditions of London-based theatricals.

STAMP was inspired by similar models across the country. such as Venues North. At present the new network includes 26 member organisations based across inner and outer London, ranging from large, publicly funded theatre buildings to smaller scale companies.