Dance Direct’s New Look!

Dance Direct's New LookFor over a decade, Dance Direct has striven to provide the best value in dancewear, so dancers can focus more on their training and less on their kit. Although a lot has changed during this time, our ultimate goal of making affordable, high quality dancewear widely available remains at the heart of the Dance Direct brand.

Like you, we are passionate about dance, and we are also inspired by customers such as yourselves everyday. Your feedback drives much of what happens within Dance Direct HQ and has been integral to the launch of our new branding.

With a fresh new look and a new, easy-to-use website soon to be launched, we hope that our continuous desire to remain your No.1 dancewear supplier is clear to see. Our collection continues to offer both amateur and professional dancers great quality and affordable dancewear, perfectly designed for both basic and performance needs.

We look forward to sharing your dance stories, photos and more via the Dance Direct community and hope to hear from you soon!