Interview With Crystal Costa

Crystal CostaImage courtesy of Laurent Liotardo Photography

Crystal Costa is presently First Soloist at English National Ballet. This weekend she will be appearing as guest artist at the Espinosa Dance Project’s Spring Performance 2, performing the following:

Saturday 14th April at the 19:30 Performance

  • Kitri Solo (from Don Quixote Act I)
  • Sonata for Two (with Yat-Sen Chang)

Sunday 15th April at the 18:30 Performance

  • Kitri Solo (from Don Quixote Act I)

For further details visit the Espinosa Dance Project website.


How long have you been at ENB?

Since August 2007.

Where were you before that?

I was with the Hong Kong Ballet for six years. I joined there right after I graduated from the National Ballet School in Canada in June 2001.

What has been you’re favorite role to dance?

I find that difficult to answer as I have loved so many roles. I guess I always end up having a special feeling for each role I’ve done and it’s hard to say which is a favourite, but I can list a few that come to the top of my head in this moment. Giselle, Swanhilda, Liu in Natalie Weir’s Turandot, Cinderella…All roles which I have learned a lot from for different reasons hold a special place in my heart.

Are you excited about Yat-Sen Chang’s new venture? [ Read our Interview with Yat-Sen Chang ]

I am inspired by not only his ability to achieve great things, but his motivation and drive to get there. His new venture is something with so much potential and he is creating it at such a fast pace as well, that it has already succeeded in so many ways. I am mostly excited to see him so happy and inspired.

Will you be involved?

I will try to dance in some of the performances when I can.

What’s in store for you for the rest of the year?

Next up is Dance GB where I’m in a piece by Itzik Galili, which we started working on for a couple weeks last season. He’s coming back to finish it and we then take it on a short tour as well as performing in the Olympics. There’s also some Swan Lake at the end of the season and hopefully in between everything I’ll find some time of my own to work on some things for The Espinosa Dance Project.

Originally from Canada, will you ever go back to dance there?

When I was with the Hong Kong Ballet we actually toured to Toronto and my hometown Vancouver. It was so great to dance there, but I really couldn’t say at this point when I’ll be able to dance there again.

Lisa Marie Probert

I was born in Somerset and studied at both the Royal Ballet School lower and upper schools.

I joined London City Ballet in 1995 and the English National Ballet in 1997, where I appeared in Derek Deanes first performance of Swan Lake at the Royal Albert Hall. Later in 1997 I joined Peter Schaufuss Ballet in Denmark as a principal dancer, performing (among other roles) White Swan and Priscilla in the King and Aurora. I rejoined ENB in 2000 and danced there for 9 years taking lead roles in Alice In Wonderland, Nutcracker, Snow Queen and numerous other ballets.

Since leaving ENB in 2009, I have guested with Ballet Ireland as Juliet in R&J and danced freelance work. I was a guest artist in Brussels and Estonia, where I also coached dancers in classical and neo-classical works.

As well as dancing, I am a qualified pilates teacher and am currently undertaking a diploma with the BBO to teach classical ballet.

I feel close to my first love of ballet when I am not dancing by writing about it… and so I am thoroughly enjoying and appreciating the chance to pass on my knowledge and experiences of dance to others through the Dance Direct Blog! This is my first experience of public writing and it is a fantastic creative outlet. Teaming it to something I am so passionate about is a most enjoyable and satisfying experience for me!

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